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Worth Knowing

The aim of the tours The announced tours are a possibility for a tour in the particular region and are always conducted - if possible - as planned.There are however, certain motives (conditions, avalanche risk, weather, shape of the participants, et cetera) that require an adaption of the program. Last-minute changes of the tour-region because of poor conditions are possible.

Knowledge of the terrain I am working as a full-time mountain guide since 2005. Since then, I developed a big information network throughout the Alps. I have a big knowledge of the terrain in most classic tour-regions and furthermore I have discovered some special secret spots during the last years.

Size of the group The size of the group depends on the difficulty of the tour. On demanding tours a one-to-one assistance is required and the rule . On easier tours I guide groups of maximal six people.

Prices All prices include half board in the respective accommodations. Not included are the travel costs (public transports, mountain railways, privat cars, taxis). The listed prices are calculated on the basis of the maximal participant-number.

Fotos & Videos During the tours photos and videos are taken, which are possibly used for my website. It is possible that individuals can be recognised clearly. The participants agree explicitly with a possible publication of the footage on my website. If a participant does not agree, he/she must announce that in advance.