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    Sport climbing

    Decode difficult routes, improve strenght and movements, overcome fear or just for fun. Climbing combines the joy of movement over achieved goals. Intense experiences in nature and happiness are guaranteed.

    Offers for Sport climbing

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      Crest the most beautiful peaks of the Alps. Enjoy unforgettable sunrises, wild glaciers, breezy ridges and lots of fascinating moments in the alpine environment.

      Offers for Mountaineering

      1.  Tödi and Bifertenstock

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      Alpine climbing

      Climb over the nicest ridges of the Alps or through the big walls. Piz Badile, Salbitschijen, Drei Zinnen, Engelhörner, Wendenstöcke and so on - impressive targets for ambitious climbers.

      Offers for Alpine climbing

      1.  Piz Badile "Cassinroute"

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      Best of Ski&Climb

      The nicest summits, the breeziest ridges, the thoughest cruxes...here is the place to define your requests, and I will organise the tour according to your wishes.

      Offers for Best of Ski&Climb

      1.  Dream peaks - when dreams come true

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      Refresh the basics and add knowledge - the training module is the foundation for joyfull and secure alpinism. Usefull courses - from climbing techniques, security techniques, to the usage of crampons and the ice pick on the glacier. For more detailed information on each course please check the individual course-offers.

      Offers for Training