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    Gliding through untouched, sparkling powder - what else could you imagine?

    Offers for Freeride

    1.  Freeride Day Grisons

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    Ice climbing

    Climbing on the frozen element water is extremly fascinating. A fragile ice construction accessible only for a few days.

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    Quiet and gentle ascension, enjoying the view topped by a descent through spraying powder.

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    Refresh the basics and add knowledge - the training module is the foundation for a secure performance on ice and snow. Usefull courses - from ice climbing techniques, over avalanche-knowledge to the usage of a map and compass in the winter terrain. For more detailed information on each course, please check the individual course-offers.

    Offers for Training

    1.  Avalanche course

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      Short information, explanation of the avalanche bulletin. Basics of the avalanche knowledge, ?Reduction methode? (Indoor). Transfer the learned knowledge outdoor in the terrain. Search and rescue exercises with the avalanche transceiver and the probe.

      Content of the course / Target of the course

      Understand the avalanche bulletin, identification of avalanche building factors in the terrain and know the dangers. Basic behaviour, transfer the avalanche bulletin knowledge. Measurment and estimation of the steep slope in real as well as on the map. Get to know the basic steps of avalanche rescue. Usage and know how to handle the avalanche transceiver, the shovel and the probe.


      Disentis, Lenzerheide, Davos. Meeting point at the valley station of each skiing resort


      max. 6


      from CHF 145.--

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    Best of Ski&Climb

    The most beautiful descents, the nicest runs - just georgeous.

    Offers for Best of Ski&Climb

    1.  Let me surprise you!